Rob hosting the MLC Spring Camp 2019

Rob will be hosting and teaching at the MLC Spring Camp 2019 at MLC Academy Marseille in April.

MLC Spring Camp 2019 is an intense 4 day event held at MLC Academy Marseille, France for drummers, guitarists, bassists, keyboardists and singers. From 10:30 am until 5:30 pm students work together in a group situation to develop their band skills with other musicians. They will be working initially in sections (rhythmic, melodic, vocal) before regrouping to put these section skills to the test as a full band. As well as that, during the camp, there will be photo sessions, interviews, podcasts leading up to the main event, a live performance that put your skills to the test in front of an enthusiastic public.

What is the aim?

The MLC Summer Camp 2019 is designed to encourage musicians to play together in a group and to develop their ensemble skills.

What are the different work aspects?

Section skills

Ensemble skills

Stage and live performance skills

Artist management skills

Live performance

What are the dates?

The MLC Spring Camp is scheduled for the 8th to the 11th of April.

What level of playing do I need to participate?

The MLC Summer Camp does not comprise individuel lessons for each instrument. Because of this, participants will need to have at least a basic level of playing. However, we do not insist on a specific level of technique, or group experience.

Do I need to be able to read music to participate?

No. Being able to read music is always going to be useful for your music career, of course. However, to participate in the MLC Spring Camp 2019, reading is not specifically required.

I play another instrument than the drums, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards or vocals. Can I participate?

These are the most common instruments that we deal with in the MLC Summer Camp. However, donʼt hesitate to contact us to know if we can accept another instrument.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, contact MLC Academy Marseille at 0033 (0)7 60 11 00 12