Welcome to the Drum Set - Beginner - 12 Lessons

Here's the situation... You're a music fan..., you've seen bands play many times..., maybe in concert or on the television..., or maybe you have friends who play in a band... And every time you witness that fantastic phenomenon that we call music, you are fascinated by the drummer. It's not surprising. Drums are a very visual instrument, not to mention the impression they make volume wise. It should come as no surprise then that they are also great fun to play. If the situation I just explained is familiar to you, then this course is for you. Throughout the 12 following lessons we will take you through each step to get you from total beginner status to holding it down groove drummer status. By the time you finish, you will have learned all about the instrument, how it all works together, what all the elements are for, how to get a simple groove going, some simple variations, fills and crash cymbals, AND... playing along to some music! It sounds like a lot. But if you take it step by step and work thoroughly on each lesson before going on to the next one, you will get there. Then, it will be other people's turn to watch you when you play!