Simple Drum Fills - Beginner - 5 Lessons

In all my experience of teaching drums, I can tell you that the the one thing that all drummers want to learn as soon as they can is how to do fills. Why not? It's great fun! But where does that vocabulary come from? Well, as is the case for everything else, we have to start simple and build on that little by little. In this course, we start out with a simple one bar sixteenth note snare fill. From that, we can make various changes and developments to that same one bar fill to create a whole host of variations that we can play around the kit. As well as that, let's not forget the one item so often forgotten when we play fills as a beginner drummer - the bass drum. We need to get used to using this important element in our fills straight away to create more musicality and exciting variations. Once we've looked at all that, we can go ahead and put it all together. Take the time during this 5 lesson course to really work hard on each step befire going on to the next so you can really master some beginner drum fills.